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Working Together

Providing High Conflict Co-Parenting Courses For the Best Interest of the Children

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Suzanne Dircks M.A., LMHC, Certified Family Mediator

After experiencing personal difficult child custody issues many years ago, Suzanne went back to school and got her Master’s Degree in psychology with a specialization in issues of child custody. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has worked with thousands of families involved in separation, divorce and custody disputes for thirty-seven years. She has worked as a mediator, co-parenting counselor, reunification counselor, parenting coordinator, child and parent divorce counselor and guardian ad litem. She has witnessed what devastation families can go through when involved in extended litigation. Her services are designed to encourage co-operation and resolution of difficult issues and protect children from the damaging affects of being overly involved in their parent’s conflicts.

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Creating a Healthy Outcome for Your Child’s Future

  • Isn’t it time to improve your communication with your child’s other co-parent.?
  • Are your feeling frustrated, angry, ignored or attacked?
  • Are your children constantly exposed to conflict between you and your former partner?

Learning to effectively communicate over parenting issues can provide your children with an immense sense of relief, security and the ability to function better in their lives.

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